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Canadian patients with mitochondrial disease to have access to online portal to manage their complex care

RelayHealth and the MitoCanada Foundation today announced they are partnering to introduce a new online personalized patient portal where patients will have access to their own electronic health record. This web-based service will enable secure storage of personal health information allowing patients to share their health condition and care information, clinical visit history and test results with health care providers.

Mitochondrial disease is a group of diseases primarily affecting the brain, heart and muscle in varying levels of severity. It can take many different forms and look like any number of better known diseases (Autism, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, muscular dystrophy and chronic fatigue) making diagnosis, care and management very complex. 

Mitochondria are the ‘power plants’ that provide the body with the energy it needs to walk, talk, laugh, hear, digest food, and breathe. A diagnosis of mitochondrial disease means these power plants are not working properly which can lead to a ‘power failure’ in the organ systems that sustain life. In some cases, mitochondrial disease is fatal. 

RelayHealth, McKesson Canada's proven web-based solution for the management of electronic health records, has been serving Canadians with this innovative service since 2011. “RelayHealth puts patients in the driver’s seat by empowering them to be an active member of their care team.  Patients can message the team to get questions answered, view their lab results, book appointments on-line, view their care plan and track their vitals”, said David Mosher, Director, RelayHealth. “We have seen tangible improvement in care coordination and management for patients and care providers who have been using RelayHealth”, he added.

Patients and caregivers often have a difficult time keeping their clinical team on the same page with respect to critical items like care plans, medical history, vital signs and other important documents like illness management plans and special emergency room instructions.  Patients have resorted to keeping binders of this information that need to be brought to clinic appointments. RelayHealth will allow them to track and store all this information electronically and have it available on their smart phones.  This will be especially valuable in emergency situations where this vital medical information needs to be instantly available.   

“Canadians with mitochondrial disease have experienced frustration with the lack of knowledge about their condition when they enter the health system sometimes in an emergency situation. RelayHealth’s electronic health record will allow patients to quickly provide caregivers access to their medical history and treatment protocol.” said Blaine Penny, MitoCanada Foundation Chair. “This new partnership is an example of how MitoCanada, as an organization, is committed to creating value for Canadians living with mitochondrial disease.”  


Quick Facts

  • At least one in 200 people harbors a genetic mutation that can lead to mitochondrial disease in them or their children; 

  • Mitochondrial disease is among the most common adult form of inherited neurological disorders affecting 1 in 4300;

  • The overall disease burden in Canada is unknown but significant, resulting in substantial direct and indirect health care costs to the patient and society as a whole; and 

  • There are few effective treatments and no known cure.


About RelayHealth

Launched in 2011, RelayHealth is McKesson Canada’s web-based service that provides complete and secure information flow between patients and all of their health care providers coast to coast. Focused on the patient point of care, RelayHealth accelerates information exchange, facilitates collaboration between health care providers, advances patient quality of care, and reduces overall health care costs. The service has received Canada Health Infoway certification meaning it has met or exceeded a series of pre-defined, domain specific assessment criteria, ensuring it conforms to global and national standards for privacy, security and interoperability.


About the MitoCanada Foundation

The MitoCanada Foundation ( is Canada’s only patient-focused organization for mitochondrial disorders. Active in communities across the country, we offer patient support, research funding, public education and awareness campaigns. MitoCanada, through greater public awareness, seeks to promote early diagnosis, patient and clinician education and advancements in new treatments until a cure is found. Watch our new public awareness video at


About McKesson Canada

Founded more than 100 years ago, McKesson Canada is dedicated to delivering vital medicines, supplies and information technologies that enable the health care industry to provide patients with better, safer care. Our solutions empower pharmacies, manufacturers, hospitals and other health care institutions by enabling them to get closer to the millions of patients they serve every single day, while contributing to the quality and safety of care in Canada.