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Implementation completed of an integrated pharmaceutical supply chain

All New Brunswick hospitals are now linked to the province’s newly-integrated pharmaceutical supply chain which is co-ordinated through McKesson Canada’s Moncton distribution centre.

“Integrating all 22 hospitals into this one solution is an innovative way to increase efficiencies in our health-care system, create jobs and savings in New Brunswick,” said Premier Brian Gallant during a visit to the distribution centre today.

Fifty-three jobs were created through the partnership between the provincial government and McKesson Canada.

Each hospital is now equipped with AcuDose-RX automated dispensing cabinets in select patient areas. The cabinets automatically dispense the appropriate patient medication which reduces the chance of human error. The cabinets are designed with biometric technology which restricts access to authorized users.

McKesson Canada’s Atlantic Central Fill Pharmacy prepares unit doses of most of the stock required to replenish the cabinets, which ensures just-in-time inventory. The packaging format aligns with the guidelines of the Institute of Safe Medication Practices and uses barcode technology for appropriate medication tracking such as for inventory and/or diversion purposes.

“We are focused on improving the cost and quality of health-care delivery for the benefit of the patient,” said Alain Champagne, president of McKesson Canada. “This partnership has allowed us to redefine the pharmaceutical supply chain process for New Brunswick hospitals. Thanks to the strategic partnership created between the Department of Health, Horizon Health Network, Vitalité Health Network, Service New Brunswick and McKesson Canada, hospitals have timely access to the vital medications they need, no matter where they are located in the province.”

The initiative is on track to save the province’s health-care system about $3 million annually. The Saint John Regional Hospital was recently connected to the central pharmacy, marking the completion of the project.

Opportunities NB is providing McKesson Canada up to $850,000 in the form of a non-repayable conditional grant which is being used to off-set a portion of the job creation expenditures.

Founded more than 100 years ago, McKesson Canada is dedicated to delivering medicines, supplies and information technologies to the health-care industry to provide patients better, safer care.


About McKesson Canada

Founded more than 100 years ago, McKesson Canada is dedicated to delivering vital medicines, supplies and information technologies that enable the health care industry to provide patients better, safer care. Our solutions empower pharmacies, manufacturers, hospitals and other health care institutions by enabling them to get closer to the millions of patients they serve every single day, while contributing to the quality and safety of care in Canada.