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McKesson Canada Commits $50,000 To Disaster Relief in Aid of Syrian Refugees

McKesson Canada will make special grant to support international relief groups responding to migrant and refugee crisis in Middle East and Europe; McKesson Canada joins in matching employee donations to relief organizations

McKesson Canada announced it is committing a $50,000 grant to nonprofits Direct Relief and the International Rescue Committee. The grants will be used by the two international relief agencies to provide disaster response to those affected by the migrant and refugee crisis in Middle East and Europe. McKesson Canada’s $50,000 grant brings McKesson Corporation’s total giving to these organizations to $100,000. 

“Despite the distance, this humanitarian crisis is close to home. Canada stands as a safe place for those seeking opportunity, security, and support. McKesson Canada is in a privileged position to help build stronger communities – we are proud to be able to make a contribution to the world’s response to the crisis in Syria”, said Geneviève Fortier, Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Public Affairs, McKesson Canada.

With millions of migrants and refugees fleeing violent conflicts in the Middle East and Africa, a refugee emergency of this scope demands international leadership and cooperation. The McKesson Foundation and McKesson Canada found it imperative to join the international community in providing aid to address this global crisis and help those seeking sanctuary. 

“The current migrant and refugee crisis is truly global. We wanted to ensure that our response crossed borders,” said Christine Lopez, President of the McKesson Foundation. “In that spirit, our American, Canadian and European colleagues are joining together to support nonprofit agencies working for migrant and refugee relief.”

Direct Relief, is a nonprofit that provides essential medical assistance services to those affected by natural and manmade disasters. Direct Relief is providing medical aid to doctors, medical missions, and local organizations in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey to help refugees who have fled their homelands. 

“As this humanitarian crisis unfolds and millions of people face extraordinary hardship while seeking refuge and safety, Direct Relief is deeply thankful for the McKesson Foundation’s inspiring act of generosity and leadership,” said Direct Relief President and CEO Thomas Tighe.

In recognition of relief agencies’ urgent need for assistance, the McKesson Foundation will also provide a special grant to the International Rescue Committee. The International Rescue Committee is delivering critical and lifesaving aid, including safe drinking water and sanitation, to vulnerable families fleeing to Europe from Syria and other conflict zones. 

“Each day we are seeing more than two thousand refugees arrive on the shores of Lesbos, Greece who have fled violence, hopelessness and persecution” said David Miliband, president and CEO of the International Rescue Committee. “We are honored to partner with the McKesson Foundation as we work to provide these individuals with the resources they need to build a safer and more secure life for themselves and their families.”

In additions to organizational grants, the McKesson Foundation will double donations made by McKesson Canada employees to organizations that support humanitarian relief for refugees through the McKesson Foundation’s Matching Gifts program. For more information about the McKesson Foundation’s support for the migrant and refugee crisis, please contact


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About the McKesson Foundation

Founded in 1943, the McKesson Foundation is an initiative of McKesson Corporation, based in San Francisco. It envisions a world where affordable, quality health care is available to all.