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McKesson Canada Withdraws Offer to Purchase all Shares of Uniprix Inc.

McKesson Canada announced today that it is withdrawing its January 19, 2009 offer to purchase all of the issued and outstanding shares of Uniprix Inc. since the conditions of the offer were not met.

The number of shares tendered did not reach the minimum number of shares required pursuant to the conditions of the offer, which Uniprix's Board of Directors had considered fair and adequate for Class A shareholders. McKesson Canada therefore decided not to extend its offer and consequently, it will not take up any shares tendered pursuant to the offer.

"Despite withdrawing our offer, McKesson Canada will continue to support the independent pharmacy business model. As such, our desire to help the Uniprix Group succeed and to see further growth among its banners remains strong, and we wish to pursue our longstanding business relationship," explains Domenic Pilla, President, McKesson Canada.


About McKesson Canada

Founded more than 100 years ago, McKesson Canada is the leading provider of logistics as well as information products and services within the Canadian health care marketplace. McKesson Canada carries more than 35,000 products, in 17 distribution centers, and provides logistics and distribution to more than 800 manufacturers – delivering their products to 6,300 retail pharmacies, 1,350 hospitals, long-term care centers, clinics and institutions throughout Canada. Beyond pharmaceutical distribution, McKesson Canada has provided automation services for 2,500 retail pharmacies; and is also active in hospital automation solutions, dispensing more than 100 million doses each year. The company also provides a full range of services to Canadian manufacturers and healthcare providers, contributing to the quality and safety of care for Canadian patients.


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McKesson Canada Withdraws Offer to Purchase all Shares of Uniprix Inc.