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Professional Advice Within Reach For Millions Of Canadians Living With Arthritis

Toronto, August 12, 2014 – The Arthritis Society has partnered with Guardian, I.D.A., PROXIM and the Medicine Shoppe pharmacies to launch an exclusive pain management program to support Canadians living with arthritis directly in their communities.

Designed by The Arthritis Society, the unique pain management program will be rolled out in participating pharmacies in Autumn 2014 under the diem™ therapeutic brand. Pharmacists that have been trained and certified under the program will be able to provide a wide-range of tailored health services to those living with arthritis, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Under the diem™ brand, pharmacists will offer bundles of professional services and companion products, thus allowing patients to access complete and integrated support to optimize their drug therapies and minimize side-effects.

"Customized patient care is at the heart of the programs and services we offer," explains Jim Snowdon, Guardian pharmacist. "Thanks to this unique diem™ pain management offering, Canadians living with arthritis will be able to obtain holistic therapeutic support from their neighborhood Guardian, I.D.A., PROXIM and the Medicine Shoppe pharmacist."

"This new initiative will make a true difference in the lives of Canadians living with arthritis by giving them increased access to professional, qualified care down the street and across the counter," said Janet Yale, President and CEO of The Arthritis Society. "By increasing the convenience and ease with which Canadians can receive specialized counsel, this program will help those with arthritis get the help they need to live with less pain and greater independence."

"Pharmacy in Canada is undergoing a major transformation, as provincial governments expand the scope of professional services that pharmacists can offer and shift patient care into community settings," noted Dale Weil, Interim Senior Vice President of Retail Banner Management Services at McKesson Canada, which operates the four retail pharmacy banners. "Through our network of 1,350 stores from coast to coast to coast, Guardian, I.D.A., PROXIM and the Medicine Shoppe pharmacists are responding to the growing needs of Canadians living with chronic disease and complex medical conditions by providing customized patient care."

The term arthritis ("arthro" meaning joint, "itis" meaning inflammation) is used to refer to more than 100 related conditions. Arthritis can strike anyone at any time, regardless of age, physical condition or ethnic background, often with devastating and debilitating effects.

There are 4.6 million Canadians living with arthritis, a number expected to rise to 7.5 million by 2036. The main symptoms of arthritis are chronic joint pain, stiffness and swelling, which can result in significant disability and poor quality of life.


About The Arthritis Society

The Arthritis Society has been setting lives in motion for over 65 years. Dedicated to a vision of living well while creating a future without arthritis, The Society is Canada's principal health charity providing education, programs and support to the over 4.6 million Canadians living with arthritis. Since its founding in 1948, The Society has been the largest non-government funder of arthritis research in Canada, investing more than $185 million in projects that have led to breakthroughs in the diagnosis, treatment and care of people with arthritis. The Arthritis Society is accredited under Imagine Canada's Standards Program. For more information and to make a donation, visit


About McKesson Canada

Founded more than 100 years ago, McKesson Canada is dedicated to delivering vital medicines, supplies, clinical services and information technologies that enable the health care industry to provide patients with better, safer care. The company's solutions empower pharmacies, manufacturers, hospitals and other health care institutions by enabling them to get closer to the millions of patients they serve every single day, while contributing to the quality and safety of care in Canada.

Through its four retail banners, Guardian, I.D.A., PROXIM and Medicine Shoppe Canada, McKesson Canada supports 1,350 independent pharmacies across Canada. The McKesson Canada affiliated banners have a long history of championing independent pharmacies, through personalized patient care, which is at the heart of the programs and services they offer.


For further information, please contact:

Danièle Dufour     

Director, Corporate Communications – McKesson Canada

Tel: 514.832.8473


Jeff Jurmain

Communications Specialist – The Arthritis Society

Tel: 416.979.7228 x 3354