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Greg Wheeler

“Pharmacists should always be involved in clinical care services and once you get the buy-in from local nurses and physicians – who see the impact you’re having on your patients’ lives – they start sending patients to you.”
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Greg always believed that as an independent pharmacist he could do more to deliver clinical care to his patients.
Several of Greg’s regular patients are enrolled in a renal and transplant program, requiring ongoing care, medication, counseling and monitoring. As Greg saw his patients making frequent trips to see nurses to nephrologists, he realized vital information was getting lost through the different paper and electronic records.
That’s why he approached his Regional Health Authority to suggest that these patients start their journey with him, so that he can provide an up-to-date record of their existing medications, and offer suggestions to his patients’ team of care providers.
Greg's innovative approach helps patients lead healthier lives and creates a vastly improved experience for them.

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