Environmental Sustainability

Today's most pressing environmental challenges impact all of us, both as individuals and as business leaders. McKesson Canada's dedication to creating a sustainable healthcare system is mirrored by our commitment to run our operations in an environmentally sustainable way.

By integrating environmental sustainability principles into the way we do business, we hope to ensure a healthy, vibrant company and planet for generations to come.

Eco-Initiative and Eco-Champions
Our Eco-Initiative and local Eco-Champions across Canada lead a number of programs that benefit the environment, our company, and our communities.

Our green initiatives focus on:
-    Transportation & Emissions
-    Recycling & Waste
-    Energy Efficiency
-    Encouraging Sustainability

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Apply for a Donation or Sponsorship

If you are an eligible non-profit organization and you wish to apply for a donation or sponsorship, please submit your request online. Given the volume of requests we receive, evaluations are conducted quarterly by our Corporate Citizenship Governance Committee.

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