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Krista McClair #BeIndependent

Making the Community a Priority

Krista McClair

“I love being an independent pharmacist, especially in a small town like Annapolis Royal. I get to serve my community at my own pace. Whether I am giving the Premier his flu shot, or helping a recently diagnosed cancer patient, I am creating a unique pharmacy for all my patients.”


Krista's Story #BeIndependent

After graduating from Dalhousie’s College of Pharmacy, Krista could have set up practice anywhere. However, she chose to purchase her own pharmacy in a small community.

Krista's store is the only pharmacy in town, making her one of the region’s primary care providers. She knows so many of her patients on a first-name basis. 

Last year alone she provided 210 residents with flu shots, including a well-known resident of the Annapolis area: Premier Stephen McNeil.

Krista is an active member of her community. She is providing flu shots and other clinical services at her pharmacy. Working in partnership with McKesson Canada, Krista increased the size of her pharmacy, added automated dispensing machines, and built a counseling room where patients can receive personal care.


Click here to listen to a webcast with Krista McClair. 

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#BeIndependent Campaign

#BeIndependent Campaign