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Pharmaceutical and Strategic Distribution

Access to the widest array of health care in the industry


Canadians should never have to wait for their medication. As Canada’s leading medication distributor for hospitals and community and retail pharmacies, McKesson Canada strives to ensure that medication is always available.

Our goal is to supply patients with the medications they require wherever and whenever they need it.

Learn about how Pharmaceutical Products Distribution can benefit Hospital, Retail Pharmacists and Wholesale distribution for manufacturers.


Our Distribution Network





Our Distribution Network 

Pharmaceutical Distribution for hospitals

McKesson_Pharmaceutical Distribution_products for hospitals



Pharmaceutical Distribution for Hospitals

McKesson Canada’s Pharmaceutical Distribution unit has been designed to help public sector health care providers ensure sufficient inventory, reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

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Pharmaceutical Distribution for retail pharmacists

McKesson_Pharmaceutical Distribution_products for retail pharmacies



Pharmaceutical Distribution for Retail Pharmacists

McKesson Pharmaceutical Distribution meets the needs of the Canadian health care supply chain by providing timely solutions for the delivery of health-related products across the country.

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Wholesale Distribution for Manufacturers

McKesson_Pharmaceutical Distribution_services for manufacturers



Strategic Procurement and Wholesale Distribution for Manufacturers

McKesson Wholesale Distribution provides timely solutions for the delivery of a wide range of products across the country.

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Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Solutions


Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Solutions

Learn more about McKesson Canada’s integrated Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Solutions. 

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