Innovative and affordable compliance packaging solutions

PACMED D Series 


Key Benefits:

• An effective packager that fits into my small dispensary.

• A solution that reduces dispensing time without compromising on accuracy.

• Packaging that allows me the flexibility to manage complex medication regimes.

• Technology that will help me grow my business and gain new market share.

• An ability to provide better quality service while improving medication adherence.



A Brief Overview


Ensure a competitive advantage and customer loyalty by offering your patients a unique and innovative solution.

Personalized pouches display the day and time each medication needs to be taken, even more than 4 times a day.


Expand your target market beyond long-term care to independent and active seniors and other patients with complex medication regimes.


Improves medication adherence with reminder pouches for on-time renewal.

Brings security and flexibility to your patients’ daily medication routine.

pacmed d

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How Can PACMED D Series Help Your Pharmacy?


How Can PACMED D Series Help Your Pharmacy?

PACMED Testimonial



‘’I loved the efficiencies that came with my original PACMED, but the enhanced features of my new PACMED NS have taken it a step further. We have been able to reduce over 30% of our STS trays with the new universal canisters by automating our top partial tablets. The one-sided design means we can operate efficiently in a smaller workspace.’’

- Blair Snow, Pharmacist & Co-Owner, Simcoe, ON

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