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Do any of the Following Represent Your Pharmacy’s Compliance Packaging Needs?


  • A reliable compliance solution that I can trust to ensure the safety of my patients.

  • A high-volume productive packager that requires minimal human intervention.

  • Strip packaging that allows me the flexibility to manage complex medication regimes.

  • A unique, innovative solution that gives me a competitive advantage in the long-term care market.

  • An ability to provide better quality service while improving medication adherence.


How PACMED S Series can Benefit Your Pharmacy

  • Up to 500 canisters reduces human intervention, errors, and down-time.

  • Adaptable technology that can be used in retail, hospital, long-term care and central fill operations.

  • Flexibility to package unit-doses or multi-doses for unlimited administration times per day.

  • Conveniently position high-volume medication canisters for fast and easy access for refilling.

  • Special Tablet System (STS) trays allow for uninterrupted packaging flow of non-canister medication and partial pills.

  • Developed in-house, intuitive PACMED Core user interface guides operators through each step of a process.

  • Personalized packaging design offers flexibility to adapt appearance and information for different needs.

  • Ensure that pills are taken consistently and correctly by offering your patients a unique and innovative solution.

  • Gain a competitive advantage and customer loyalty by allowing caregivers to focus on their patients’ needs.

  • Reduce dispensing time and increase prescription volume with your current infrastructure.

  • Bar coding on each pouch allows safe distribution from pharmacy production to patient delivery.

  • Improves medication adherence with reminder pouches for on-time renewal.

  • Complementary automated pouch verification technology, PACVision improves the safety and accuracy of the process.


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PACMED Testimonial



‘’I loved the efficiencies that came with my original PACMED, but the enhanced features of my new PACMED NS have taken it a step further. We have been able to reduce over 30% of our STS trays with the new universal canisters by automating our top partial tablets. The one-sided design means we can operate efficiently in a smaller workspace.’’

- Blair Snow, Pharmacist & Co-Owner, Simcoe, ON

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