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Healthcare Provider Solutions   

Canadian healthcare is evolving at an unprecedented pace. Health care professionals, physicians, hospitals and provincial governments are looking for innovative solutions to help deliver accessible and efficient patient care. McKesson Canada’s Healthcare Provider Solutions team, with its deep expertise and experience in specialty health, creates customized services and digital tools through collaborative public-private partnerships across multiple therapy areas, helping providers drive better patient outcomes.


Therapeutic Focus Areas   



Solutions Offered


Physician Operational Excellence and Efficiency

• Reducing physician burden by offering a full service solution for physicians
• Handling specialty prescriptions and solving the clinic’s operational and workflow requirements

Enhanced Patient Access and Experience

• Supporting patients through their complex care journey
• Our Patient Support Programs
• Better access to medication, reimbursement navigation, and adherence support

Digital Health Integration

• Solving physicians’ challenges and enhancing the patient experience through integrated digital solutions


      EvolveHealth Simplifies the Patient Journey  

McKesson Specialty Health offers a high-value suite of digital solutions tailored to your needs as medical professionals, including the needs of your patients and their caregivers.

The end-to-end EMR (Electronic Medical Record) digitally connected network facilitates and simplifies access to key patient support processes such as:
  • Single sign-on digital enrollment into patient support programs
  • Ongoing physician/patient reporting
  • Digital reimbursement form (prior authorization) access
  • Financial assistance SMART CARD access

This results in faster, easier access to the key offerings of patient support that physicians and their patients/caregivers need to reduce burden and make the therapeutic journey more streamlined and manageable for all.





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