Six Sigma Overview

Six Sigma is a management philosophy whose goal is to achieve operational excellence by promoting a company-wide commitment to continuous improvement initiatives. This approach relies on data driven decisions, cross functional team work that improve customer satisfaction and business execution.

McKesson Canada was one of the first healthcare companies to adopt the Six Sigma methodology in 1999.

What it means

Taken literally, sigma (σ) is the 18th letter of the Greek alphabet. In the process re-engineering world, it is a value that describes how well a process is performing. When a process reaches Six Sigma, it has only 3.4 Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO).

Part of McKesson Culture

We use the Six Sigma methodology to identify and implement process and quality improvement across the supply chain network. Our commitment to Six Sigma is deeply embedded in the organization and is currently supported in Canada by the coordinated efforts of a Director, Master Black Belt, Black Belts and Greenbelts.

Recently, McKesson was named the Best Six Sigma Company to work for by iSixSigma, which is a recognized leading organization in the Six Sigma field.


Our Six Sigma department ensures the implementation of cost reduction/quality improvement initiatives in all of our business units as well as for our strategic partners through the application of proven analytical tools, process re-engineering, workout sessions, lean concepts and Kaizen practices within the DMAIC framework. Collectively these resources can be leveraged to bring exceptional focus, experience and business acumen to issues effecting our partners and the entire supply chain.


Since inception, the Six Sigma program has produced significant hard savings for McKesson's bottom line, delivering:

  • Better processes

  • Improved financial position

  • Greater customer satisfaction

  • A competitive advantage for McKesson and our customers

Six Sigma Values

  • Focus on the Customer

  • The Customer Defines Quality

  • Variability is the Enemy

  • Act on Fact

  • Measurement is the Key

  • Utilize Employee Brainpower