When a Wildfire Struck Fort McMurray

When a Wildfire Struck Fort McMurray

When a wildfire forced 88,000 Canadians from their homes, we worked with local officials and our customer to make sure displaced residents got the medications they needed.

On May 3, 2016, a wildfire in Fort McMurray forced 88,000 Canadians from their homes.

Only one pharmacy, Dave Hill Pharmacy, a McKesson Canada customer, stayed open during the evacuation while Fort McMurray roads were closed. To make sure that our delivery trucks could make it past the checkpoints and meet the urgent needs of patients, Cheryl Meller, operations manager with the Calgary distribution center, worked directly with Dave Hill Pharmacy, the local medical clinic and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to ensure McKesson was included on the list of essential services.

As the displaced residents moved to shelters all over Alberta, the added population in these small communities caused local stores to run out of needed medications. McKesson added trucks and streamlined sorting to ensure the most essential medications reached stores quickly.
Deliveries to Fort McMurray continued almost daily until the evacuation ended June 15. McKesson continues to serve this community with our regular delivery schedule.

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