INVIVA & Access to Care (A2C)

Established in 2013, today INVIVA is Canada's largest private infusion network with 76 INVIVA clinics that provide patients with specialized therapy in a caring and compassionate setting. INVIVA experts work directly with manufacturers to bring specialty therapies and nursing services to patients in need while improving access. They engage with health care providers to improve the patient experience and make it easier for everyone to manage complex diseases. Its team of highly trained seasoned nurses help manage various therapeutic areas, including gastroenterology, rheumatology, geriatrics, pediatrics, and more. In 2023, INVIVA was awarded accreditations in Cancer Care, Ambulatory Care, Home Care Services, Leadership, Infection Prevention and Control, and Medication Management making it the only national private infusion network with accreditation.

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INVIVA has met Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum Accreditation Program requirements to become the first and only accredited national private infusion clinic network in oncology. The Cancer Care Accreditation puts INVIVA through the same accreditation process widely used by hospitals who turn to Accreditation Canada to monitor system-wide standards of excellence in quality, safety, and care.

INVIVA patients are supported by a robust network of over 300 Registered Nurses with extensive experience in administering specialty and biologic drugs intravenously, subcutaneously, and intramuscularly with specialized training in multiple therapeutic areas, including immunology, oncology, neurology, and others. To date, there are approximately 18 oncology medications within the INVIVA network, with capability to expand the treatment portfolio to further support complex oncology treatments.

In total six accreditations were awarded nationally to all INVIVA clinics, including Cancer Care, Home Care Services, Ambulatory Care Services, Medication Management, Infection Prevention and Control, and Leadership Standards.



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History of INVIVA

  • Founded in 2013 with the acquisition of BioClin and AIM clinics
  • “in” for infusion and “viva” for life
  • Achieved accreditation designation with Accreditation Canada in 2018
  • Home Nursing capabilities added in 2018



Why engage INVIVA?

  • Support manufacturers’ therapies for diseases such as Crohn’s, UC, RA, multiple sclerosis,  Alzheimer's, new biosimilar and biologic therapies,  oncology patient support, and much more.
  • Ensure patients’ access to your therapies in a  timely, efficient, and safe manner.
  • Offer patient-centric care focused on the proper  use of your medications.
  • Be part of the movement encouraging  community-based care.
  • Enjoy integrated solutions for greater system  sustainability.
  • Provide end-to-end solutions and support for  patients undergoing complex therapies.






Access to Care (A2C) is a Medication-Agnostic Patient Program offered by McKesson Specialty Health, as a distinct arm of the INVIVA clinic network, and represents 20 clinics that are tailored to the needs of people living with chronic illnesses.

A2C Agnostic navigation simplifies the patient journey by:

  • Providing a customized point of contact for patients and physicians regardless of treatment choice
  • Simplified record management, reducing duplication of administration effort
  • Improving time to treatment



Our services (vary by location)

• Drug injection and infusion services
• Onsite lab collection services and reporting, including Blood Work, TB testing and Skin Testing 
• Pediatric friendly clinics and nursing available 
• Home nursing team also supports Telemedicine
• Education programs
• Self-injection training services
• Monitoring and complementary therapies
• Network of medical doctor supervision

Clinical excellence

• Over 300 experienced, certified nurses, at over 75 locations
• Onsite lab collection services and reporting
• Convenient evening and weekend hours
• Injection training can be done in home or virtually if required
• 1st Nationally Accredited private infusion network in Canada, since 2018


Patient-centered care

• Comfortable, compassionate, convenient and safe
• Flexible scheduling, weekend and evening availability at home or in community clinics
• Appointments booked in advance and automatic appointment reminders
• Consistent, predictable comfort - a medical “home”
• Minimized clinic disruption by acting as a single-infusion “home”

Forward-thinking mindset

• Continuously evaluate available treatments and services to meet the needs of patients and physicians
• Incorporating innovative technologies like Appointment Scheduling and Appointment Reminders



Clinic amenities:

• Scheduling patients with similar diagnoses
• Free parking 
• Free Wi-Fi, and TV/DVDs available in clinic 
• Light snacks and beverages provided 



Our Clinics


• Explore our locations by zooming in and out of the map, and by dragging it

• Expand the menu (top-left) to view the entire list of clinics 

• Expand the map (top-right) to enter a location of choice and get direction to the nearest clinic  





How We're Navigating the Pandemic:

• Policies and procedures developed based on Public Health Agency of Canada and provincial public health agencies recommendations and requirements 
• Active patient and staff screening (prior to appointment and on arrival)
• Social distancing in all clinics
• Mandatory masking policy for all patients, using an INVIVA-provided medical mask
• Nurses wearing full PPE (face shield, mask & gloves)
• Enhanced cleaning procedures in place



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