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Full-Suite Digital Offering for Patients and Healthcare Professionals

As part of our efforts to provide better digital offerings to physicians and patients, we launched Canada’s first end-to-end digital solution to improve care for specialty health patients. This solution is the largest investment in technological innovation in our history. It aims to improve physician efficiency, offer value to our biopharma partners, and most importantly, enhance and modernize the overall patient experience.


Canada's leading end-to-end EMR connected digital network


A strategic partnership delivering market-leading digital capabilities

We have launched a partnership with the leading Canadian technology firm Auxita, to build modern digital capabilities over the next calendar year. These solutions and capabilities will enable digital connectivity into Patient Support Programs (PSPs), streamlining the physician experience to navigate complexities related to specialty medications.

The technology facilitates patient to physician communication and eliminates administrative tasks, creating significant program efficiencies, enhancing the patient experience and shortening the amount of time to receive therapy. The platform will be Electronic Medical Record (EMR) agnostic and will be available for providers who do not have compatible EMRs.

"The Auxita platform is a comprehensive digital health care ecosystem. It delivers actionable insights, evidence-based pathways, simplified enrolment, and seamless communication to improve patient care," said Matt Cahill, CEO at Auxita. "We are looking forward to this partnership positively impacting the lives of Canadians, as we simplify the specialty healthcare experience."



"Managing a patient who requires a specialty medication entails detailed planning and an investment in time and resources to adequately diagnose and provide treatment. Our goal [...] is to alleviate the administrative burden on healthcare professionals in areas such as medication access, workflow and communication, so that more time can be spent on what matters most – caring for patients."

- Ramy Ayad, Senior Vice-President, Specialty Health, McKesson Canada


A new, simplified specialty patient journey

Unlike existing solutions on the market today, ours integrates directly into the existing physician office workflow. It seamlessly connects with physician EMRs to provide real time data on where the patient is on their treatment journey. This type of solution does not currently exist in Canada. This digital investment presents a one-stop-shop digital experience for physicians, providing actionable insights, evidence-based pathways, simplified enrolment, communication and other capabilities to provide seamless and better patient care.

As one of our biopharma partners, you can expect more efficient identification of targeted patients, along with improving product visibility through measurable insights and data. The platform will offer intelligent condition-specific alerts and reminders, getting patients started on a drug sooner where a prescription is already available, and create patient programs that support better treatment outcomes. This digital solution has unparalleled opportunities to scale, as it is EMR-agnostic and will be available to physicians who do not have compatible EMRs.

McKesson Canada expects all digital capabilities to be fully operational by December 2021.



About Auxita  

Auxita is a secure digital platform that seamlessly integrates with EMRs to link patient data and clinical information across multiple systems. It connects doctors, patients, and patient support programs while eliminating the administrative tasks that can overwhelm today's healthcare providers. Auxita has an established footprint in Canada's healthcare sector and collaborates with strategic partners to ensure a consistent and secure flow of information throughout the patient journey.

Learn more about Auxita's next-generation medical technology that leads to better care:



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