CareEnhance Solutions

CareEnhance Solutions offer the general public or specified sub-populations easy 24/7 telephone and internet access to health care professionals who can provide a comprehensive range of telehealth services, including symptom triage and advice, wellness and addictions counseling, chronic disease support, health education and referral to community-based resources.


Nurses and other staff who provide these services have specialized telehealth and self-care coaching competencies and are supported by McKesson's proprietary computerized decision support software and evidence-based clinical guidelines.


Throughout its many years of providing telehealth services to millions of patients, McKesson has repeatedly demonstrated positive utilization, clinical and financial outcomes, such as, improving the well-being of individuals, enhancing patient adherence to recommended clinical treatments and drug therapies; and maximizing the efficient and appropriate use of health care resources.


McKesson Canada offers CareEnhance Solutions to governments, communities and private organizations.

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