Mental Health & Wellness

We have a holistic view of health, where physical and mental well-being go hand in hand. 

In keeping with our objective to become the healthiest health care company, our Corporate Social Responsibility Program – “Lifting Barriers” – aims at empowering individuals to reach their fullest mind-body potential. 

When we think of barriers to health care, most of us think of tangible barriers — like living in remote areas or not being able to afford medication. The fact is some barriers are invisible, such as the stigma of mental illness. 

By Lifting Barriers to mental health care, we are giving individuals freedom to live, work, play and dream.

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Apply for a Donation or Sponsorship

If you are an eligible non-profit organization and you wish to apply for a donation or sponsorship, please submit your request online. Given the volume of requests we receive, evaluations are conducted quarterly by our Corporate Citizenship Governance Committee.

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