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At McKesson Specialty Health Canada, we aim to:

  • Extend the quality and safety agenda & to build person-centred models of care
  • Provide proactive anticancer support that improves adherence and toxicity management and optimizes patient and provider experience
  • Integrate seemlessly with the oncology team to provide a continuous care experience that feels like an extention of the hospital’s cancer services
  • Utilize evidence-based tools that promote self-management and empower patients to be actively involved in their own care



Our approach:

  • Collaborate with healthcare providers to build customized models of care for patients receiving oral and parenteral chemotherapy
  • Establish trusted partnerships and deliver scalable models
  • Put patients, families and caregivers at the centre of our solutions to deliver the best possible outcomes for health systems



Cancer does not begin and end when a patient enters a hospital. Partnering with a trusted healthcare provider supports your patients 24-hours a day, 365-days a year; and helps create person-centred cancer systems for everyone to access.


Our Programs

Our Programs:

Pharmacy-led proactive oral anticancer program: Through it’s breadth of experience and expertise in the oncology pharmacy field, McKesson Speciality Pharmacy provides a comprehensive oral chemotherapy monitoring and support program. Our solution is designed in accordance with CCO’s Recommendations for Take Home Cancer Drugs and was built in collaboration with leading experts in Oncology Pharmacy. Through proactive, pharmacy-led support, the program aims to keep patients on therapy through evidence-based toxicity management; ensuring the best possible outcomes.

Accredited Oncology Infusion Clinics: Not all patients can receive therapy at a hospital. Regardless of where care is delivered, however, the patient experience should be consistent and the highest clinical standards should be upheld. Through it’s Nationally Accredited INVIVA program, McKesson is offering healthcare providers, hospitals, and their patients, access to timely, safe and guideline-compliant care in a state of the art environment. We are partnering with hospitals to improve access where patients need it most and ensuring a consistent, seemless experience in care. The INVIVA program is helping the cancer system innovate, by delivering access to ground breaking medications, and ensuring that hospital resources are reserved for those who need them most.



How to work with us:

National: Gavin Milligan 
C: 905-580-9491

Western Canada: Stephen Urquhart
C: 403-437-3420

Ontario: Brett Nicholls
C: 289-356-4650

Atlantic Canada: David MacKinnon
C: 902-233-8496

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