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Parata Max

Parata Max

Do any of the Following Represent Your Pharmacy’s Dispensing Needs?


  • A productive robot to help keep up with prescription demand during peak times.

  • An accurate technology that I can trust to ensure the safety of my patients.

  • A counting machine that fits nicely with my dispensary workflow.

  • Advanced automation that will position my pharmacy for future growth.

  • Peace of mind to provide better patient care.

Parata max

How Parata Max can Benefit Your Pharmacy


  • Uninterrupted operation during replenishment of vials, caps and medication.

  • Handles up to 80% of your total countable oral solid medications.

  • Large super cell capacity reduces replenishment frequency.

  • Dispensing capacity of up to 228 DINs.

  • Sorts and stores up to 232 completed prescriptions.

  • 100% accurate for drug and strength.

  • Vials filled directly from the dispensing cell eliminates cross-contamination.

  • Permission based functionalities and optional locking cells ensure tight tracking to limit the potential of diversion.

  • Smart, two-sided design maximizes continuous workflow.

  • On-site cell calibration reduces downtime.

  • Advanced auditing capability through a wide variety of reports.

  • Ingenious cell airflow design prevents sensor build-up.

  • Very easy to learn and operate.

  • Requires minimal maintenance.

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A Brief Overview of Parata Max



A Brief Overview of Parata Max

Paramata Max Testimonials


"We acquired two Parata Max systems in October 2015 as we wanted to introduce a state-of-the-art and reliable technology [...] We are extremely happy to have acquired the Parata Max; our technicians could no longer do without it. It works magnificently and ensures quick and error-free throughput of prescriptions."

- Gilles Lalonde, Pharmacist & Owner, PJC Gilles Lalonde et Pierre Vachon, QC

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