Parata Max Flex



Parata Max Flex


Do any of the Following Represent Your Pharmacy’s Dispensing Needs?


  • An affordable robot to help keep up with prescription demand during peak times.

  • An accurate technology that I can trust to ensure the safety of my patients.

  • A counting machine that fits nicely with my dispensary workflow.

  • Advanced automation that will position my pharmacy competitively.

  • More time to focus on my patients.


How Parata Max Flex can Benefit Your Pharmacy


  • Uninterrupted operation during replenishment of vials, caps and medication.

  • Handles up to 60% of your total countable oral solid medications.

  • Large super cell capacity reduces replenishment frequency.

  • Provides up to 114 DIN dispensing capacity.

  • Sorts and stores up to 232 completed prescriptions.

  • 100% accurate for drug and strength.

  • Vials filled directly from the dispensing cell eliminates cross-contamination.

  • Permission based functionalities and optional locking cells ensure tight tracking to limit the potential of diversion.

  • Smart, two-sided design maximizes continuous workflow.

  • On-site cell calibration reduces downtime.

  • Advanced auditing capability through a wide variety of reports.

  • Ingenious cell airflow design prevents sensor build-up.

  • Very easy to learn and operate.

  • Requires minimal maintenance.

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A Brief Overview of Parata Max Flex

Paramata Max Testimonials




"Parata Max has been key in growing our business. It makes our bustling pharmacy easier to manage while keeping our operating costs down. Technology will always be part of our business strategy."

- Sean K. Cheverie, Pharmacist & Owner, Amherst Pharmasave

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