Discover the technology that maximizes cost savings related to inventory management, theft and diversion, expired products, inventory costs and narcotics management. 

Do any of the following represent your pharmacy’s management needs?

Do any of the Following Represent Your Pharmacy’s Management Needs?


  • Access to more floor space without expanding my dispensary.

  • A technology to keep my dispensary organized and facilitate workflow.

  • A secure storage solution for narcotics inventory.

  • To reduce costs associated with expired drug inventory.

  • Eliminate the need to do physical inventory counts.

  • Peace of mind to provide better patient care.

How RxSafe can benefit your pharmacy

How RxSafe can Benefit Your Pharmacy

  • Stores approximately 1,500 stock bottles of varying dimensions.

  • Replaces up to 28 linear feet of single-side shelving.

  • Requires fewer people to do common pharmacy tasks, thereby creating a calmer working environment.

  • Automates and speeds up the time consuming bottle retrieval and inventory put-away process.

  • Stores and monitors narcotics safely and accurately to the pill.

  • Locked and random order storage eliminates the risk of theft and diversion.

  • Built-in scale for automatic inventory verification with discrepancy alarm.

  • Real-time tracking of every operator interaction using a biometric fingerprint reader.

  • Increases inventory turns with less product on-hand.

  • Provides accurate perpetual inventory; instant status reports facilitate reordering and expired product management.

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“With the RxSafe robot and its customized software, we’ve streamlined our workflow, inventory management and narcotic auditing and reconciliation. We have less inventory on hand, more space to work, and we were able to free up staff to devote more time and attention to other patient services.”

- Robert MacLellan, Pharmacist & Owner, Sherwood Drug Mart, PEI

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