Specialty Health for Manufacturers 

Bringing specialty therapies to market presents complex challenges that can be overcome with the right commercialization partner.

McKesson Specialty Health has the expertise, network and scale to design and execute the optimal pathways to help you reach your patients and provide quick access to their appropriate medication. We also provide programs and services to support patients and optimize outcomes. Backed by analytics and metrics, we will work with you to build strategy that will grow your market penetration.

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Patient Support Programs (PSP’s)

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Patient Support Programs (PSP’s)

We deliver proven expertise in establishing highly-tailored patient support programs. In addition to providing specialty financial and reimbursement assistance, we offer programs that assure patients remain adherent to their medications to ensure they receive optimal benefit and outcome.


Specialty Prescription Services



Specialty Prescription Services 

Through our national network, we help manufacturers connect patients and healthcare providers with the specialty drugs they require. Our specialty pharmacies throughout Canada continue to be leaders in the market by providing programs that are designed and executed to meet patients’ needs. 


INVIVA - Drug Infusion, Injection and Delivery Education


Drug Infusion, Injection and Delivery Education

We help develop and execute customized face to face delivery of drug and education to patients through our national network of INVIVA community clinics and nurses. With more than 80 clinics from coast to coast, INVIVA administers over 110 K infusions and injections annually, while providing training services in community clinic settings and patient homes. 

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Consulting Services

McKesson Specialty Health is your business partner building and executing the optimal pathway to the patient through intelligence and access.

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Market Intelligence

Market Access


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McKesson Specialty Health

We support patients manage complex diseases through every step of their health care journey.

How to work with us:


How to work with us:

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