Doctors share results of using MyHealthNS

Doctors and patients share results of using MyHealthNS

In Nova Scotia, the government implemented a system-wide change to deliver patient-centred health care using MyHealthNS. Here’s what physicians and patients have to say.

Patients love it!

Patients love it!


''I started using MyHealthNS for the ease of communication. It connects me to my patients in a way that the traditional systems do not allow. I can easily transfer information about their care to them with little effort (e.g. lab and x-rays and consultant reports). I can easily let them know if they need to book an appointment right away, or just discuss things at their next appointment. The patients can be more in control of their health. I really like the feature that sends me a notification if a patient has an unread message, so I know if they haven’t seen something that is important.

In the beginning you are doing more work with less return (you are signing people up and this takes a bit of time and I felt that I had to explain to patients a bit about the system). But once I got more patients signed up it has simplified how I do my paper work, which may be early morning hours or late a night sometimes.

Overall I do not feel that patients abuse the system and if they repeatedly send questions that are not appropriate I discuss this with them. I have found overall patients tend to under-use the system not overuse it. It is very hard for patients to get through the front desk on the phone and I don’t always get the messages, so I prefer them to be able to contact me directly – but this is not for all GPs. You can also set it up so they can contact admin or a nurse, which they really can do anyway with the phone. I think most support staff would prefer to answer online messages one a time when they have a chance, rather than to have the phones ringing off the hook. Also information is documented and saved so it can always be accessed at a later date if the patient or staff was unclear.

I will continue to use the system and the patients love it. They get feedback on their tests very quickly and efficiently. I seem to be busier and busier these days for booked appointments so if I can save the patient from an unnecessary appointment it frees up my time for other patients.''

Empowering patients to own their health

Simple and secure


“Implementing MyHealthNS is an exciting process that offers access into the changing future of healthcare delivery. MyHealthNS provides easy and secure online connection to your patients.”


It's the way of the future


“Electronic interfacing with patients is the way of the future. My staff were keen and have found it helpful and not time consuming after the initial registration process. Patients have only given positive feedback with the ability to contact the office without using the phone and getting their test results online.”


The survey says

100% of surveyed doctors in Nova Scotia who have used MyHealthNS said that sharing test results electronically is valuable or extremely valuable to their patients. 

98% of patients want to continue receiving eResults. 

Without electronic access to results, 68% of patients said they would call or visit the practice to chase down a test result.