Enhancing Patient Care with Retail Pharmacy Automation

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Enhancing Patient Care with Retail Pharmacy Automation


At McKesson Canada, we offer a variety of solutions and technologies to empower retail pharmacists. We are caring forward, allowing retail pharmacists to focus on their role as healthcare professionals, advocating for the best patient care.  

If you're looking to automate your hospital pharmacy operations, explore our automation solutions for hospital pharmacies.  


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Pouching Packaging Technology


Improve patients’ health and protect market share with flexible medication compliance solutions with a wide range of PACMED solutions.


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Pouch Packaging Inspection Technology


From large scale, to medium and small scale, inspection requirements elevate patients’ safety and operational productivity with word-proven verification solutions.


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Blister Card Packaging & Inspection


Significantly increase productivity using the latest blister card packaging and verification automation technology for more efficient and secure processes.


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Vial Filling Solutions


Spend less time counting and more time with your patients.


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Premiere Pharmacy Refrigeration


Ensure medication is stored at the right temperature to give you and your patients peace of mind.


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Health Monitoring Technology


A complete medical device that reads and records six basic health indicators.



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Learn more about Automation


To learn more about McKesson’s automation solutions, download our catalogue.  

For more information, you can also contact us at the toll-free telephone number 1.888.606.6337, or email us at for new inquiries or for additional service.