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Roche Canada and McKesson Canada Inaugural Innovation Challenge Enhances the Patient Experience

MISSISSAUGA, ON - January 11, 2024 - Hoffmann-La Roche Limited (Roche Canada) is proud to announce a dynamic collaboration with McKesson Canada (McKesson) which has resulted in solutions that will optimize the patient journey and potentially shorten overall time to therapy.

The two industry leaders brought collaborative teams together for an intensive six-week innovation challenge aimed at removing barriers, enhancing the patient experience, streamlining administrative processes, and expediting reimbursement within existing patient support programs. This collaboration demanded a creative approach to strategically design solutions within the constraints of available resources.

When a patient is diagnosed with a chronic condition or disease like Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or cancer, it can be challenging to navigate the complex healthcare systems. Patient Support Programs (PSPs) work to simplify the process and ease the patient’s experience.

“Roche created this innovation challenge to explore what could be possible in the patient support program space and to see what - with an open-minded partner like McKesson Canada - we could do differently, better, faster for patients,” said Roger Tam, Vice President, Legal, Compliance, and Innovation at Roche Canada. “Design thinking empowered Roche Canada and McKesson Canada employees to frame opportunities and create solutions that will deliver significant value to all stakeholders, especially patients.”

The innovation challenge culminated in a pitch competition, where teams presented their proposals to a seasoned panel of leaders from both Roche Canada and McKesson Canada. The pitches underwent rigorous evaluation, resulting in the prioritization of the highest-scoring proposal for implementation over the next six to 12 months. Ultimately, the panel found all solutions to be compelling enough for implementation; it was simply a matter of determining the optimal timeline for each.

The two winning innovations addressed the cumbersome administrative challenges experienced by both patients and healthcare providers during PSP enrolment. Through streamlined processes, these solutions not only minimize time and redundancy for all stakeholders but also significantly accelerate access to vital therapies.

“When you have a patient with a complex disease, you do everything you can to get them to critical treatment as fast as you can,” said Rebecca Yu, Vice President/General Manager, Biopharma Operations & Customer Experience, McKesson Canada. “The Roche McKesson Innovation Challenge shows what is possible when you change your approach, share a common goal and come together with committed partners. We are tremendously proud of our teams and inspired by the value they have created with new solutions that will positively impact care and experience for patients!”

McKesson Canada is a Patient Support Program partner to Roche Canada and works to simplify a patient’s health journey by helping them to navigate the various healthcare systems, including supporting the administration process to ensure timely access to treatment.

The success of this innovation challenge not only underscores Roche Canada and McKesson Canada’s ability to swiftly implement ideas but also marks a pivotal step towards fostering a proactive culture of idea sharing, collaboration and innovation. Roche Canada and McKesson remain committed to revolutionizing PSPs and setting a new standard for excellence in patient care and experience.

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