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A revolutionary approach to improving the manual preparation and verification of medication blister cards through a software-driven solution. A simple and cost-effective solution that ensures accurate preparation while reducing errors.

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BlistAssist Key Benefits

  • Streamlines manual preparation using light-guided technology
  • Reduces verification time by up to 70%
  • Improves accuracy with barcode scanning  
  • Offers full traceability throughout the process
  • Tracks lot numbers and expiry dates  



A light-guided tray facilitates the tedious, time-consuming and labour-intensive manual preparation process.

Barcodes and pill images drive the process, greatly improving accuracy and reducing potential errors.

The software monitors your preparation progress, allowing you to resume production after an environmental interruption.

The easy-to-use solution standardises blister card preparation ability across all staff.


Final preparation pictures are captured and stored for archiving purposes.

Lot numbers and expiry dates are tracked, an unparalleled ability for manually prepared blister cards.

A log-in name and password ensure operator traceability.


The innovative layer capturing process creates a convenient verification pattern that allows you to quickly and easily identify any discrepancies.

The distinctive pill-by-pill view simplifies and accelerates verification by displaying each cup’s components.

The unique remote verification feature promotes workflow flexibility and frees the preparation area.


How Can BlistAssist Help Your Pharmacy?  


BlistAssist Testimonial



''After only one month of use, BlistAssist has increased our productivity. Blister cards are prepared more efficiently, verification is much quicker, and I can rest assured that errors are detected and corrected before the cards leave the pharmacy.''

– Suzie Rousseau, Pharmacist & Owner, PROXIM, QC


BlistAssist Testimonial


''Since installing BlistAssist, we’ve experienced a drastic reduction in the time required to produce and verify blister cards. The software provides security by guiding users through each step of the process, ensuring that cards are filled quickly and, more importantly, correctly. I’m most appreciative of the traceability features that allow us to store images of the filled blister cards as well as the lot numbers and expiry dates of each card’s contents.''

- James Dumont, Owner, White Cross Dispensary, ON

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