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McKesson Canada Launches New Digital Ecosystem to Simplify and Enhance Specialty Patient Outcomes

McKesson EvolveHealth Digital Ecosystem offers innovative solutions at every step of the specialty patient journey

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Nov. 17, 2022 - McKesson Canada's Biopharma and Provider Solutions business is proud to share the launch of McKesson's EvolveHealth Digital Ecosystem (EvolveHealth). EvolveHealth is a suite of digital solutions designed to seamlessly connect health care providers, private payers, specialty patients, and pharmaceutical companies to help simplify and enhance the patient experience and deliver better patient outcomes.

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One of the ongoing challenges faced by both health care providers and Canadians affected by rare or complex diseases, is navigating a complex system which can sometimes delay access to life-saving therapeutic treatments. To better support health care providers and specialty patients, EvolveHealth offers innovative solutions that help alleviate these challenges and create a more accessible, specialized, and personalized care journey.

As a digital suite, EvolveHealth supports patients at every step of their journey. It simplifies their access to treatment, streamlines financial assistance and co-pays, enhances adherence to treatment plans and provides patients with data and insights on their progress to improve outcomes. For health care providers and pharmaceutical companies, EvolveHealth delivers actionable insights, offers seamless communication between different teams and individuals, and highlights real-world evidence to help improve patient care and outcomes. EvolveHealth also builds on McKesson Canada's partnerships with leading health technology and platforms like KEEP (the award-winning modern medicine cabinet for complex medication management) to help simplify access to treatment and help improve the patient experience.

"McKesson Canada is proud to be a long-standing partner to the pharmaceutical industry, and we're excited to introduce the EvolveHealth Digital Ecosystem as part of our aspiration to improve patient outcomes," said Ramy Ayad, Senior Vice-President, Biopharma and Provider Solutions. "This is a digital suite aimed at improving care for specialty patients, while simultaneously enhancing health care providers, pharmaceutical companies and private payer efficiencies and managing complexities related to specialty medications and treatments."

Digital innovations and solutions to simplify and improve patient outcomes is a foundational pillar for McKesson Canada's Biopharma and Provider Solutions teams. McKesson Canada is focused on harnessing EvolveHealth to positively impact the lives of Canadians and advancing better health outcomes for all.

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