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McKesson Canada’s INVIVA Sets New Standard of Excellence for Oncology in Community Infusion Clinics

Mississauga, ON (March 9, 2023) – McKesson Canada’s INVIVA has met Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum Accreditation Program requirements to become the first and only accredited national private infusion clinic network in oncology. The Cancer Care Accreditation puts INVIVA through the same accreditation process widely used by hospitals who turn to Accreditation Canada to monitor system-wide standards of excellence in quality, safety, and care.

“Accreditation is a continuous process of meeting standards of quality. INVIVA’s successful accreditation sends a clear signal to their staff, patients, and other health care providers of their commitment to quality,” says Pamela Daw, Accreditation Canada. “This external recognition of their competence elevates their profile and strengthens confidence in their services.”

In total six accreditations were awarded to INVIVA: Cancer Care, Home Care Services, Ambulatory Care Services, Medication Management, Infection Prevention and Control, and Leadership Standards. The rigorous evaluation process included over 700 standards of measurement in the areas of safety practices, external peer surveys from medical and healthcare teams, patient satisfaction ratings, and consistent adherence to high quality clinical processes.

INVIVA patients are supported by a robust network of over 300 Registered Nurses across 76 clinics, with extensive experience in administering specialty and biologic drugs intravenously, subcutaneously, and intramuscularly with specialized training in multiple therapeutic areas, including immunology, oncology, and neurology. A team of clinicians, patient care coordinators and facility employees round out the INVIVA care team. To date, there are approximately 18 oncology medications within the INVIVA network, with capability to expand the treatment portfolio to further support complex oncology treatments.

"Providing Canadian patients with convenient, quality and accessible care, closer to home is at the forefront for our INVIVA team,” says Lee Steele, Vice President, INVIVA & Chief Nursing Officer. “This new oncology distinction validates our commitment to patient care in one of the most complex therapeutic areas. Accreditation provides assurances to our patients that our standards are on par with the medical care they receive in a hospital setting.”

As a McKesson Canada Company, INVIVA is part of the care network that is dedicated to helping a patient navigate an often overwhelming and complex system. From diagnosis to patient support programs, and state-of-the-art specialty medication distribution, the integrated processes at McKesson work to ensure a seamless end-to-end patient experience that seeks to remove barriers to timely and convenient access to care.

“The reality of healthcare today is that specialized drug treatments and biologicals are more prevalent as the best course of treatment for patients living with a complex condition. This is good news for patients who can benefit from more personalized treatment and medication plans which can ultimately improve their quality of life,” said Ramy Ayad, Senior Vice-President, Biopharma and Provider Solutions, McKesson Canada.  “Accreditation Canada’s designation for INVIVA speaks to our mission to be a leader in infusion therapy, particularly in areas as complex as oncology. Congratulations to the nurses and team at INVIVA on this important accreditation driven by your hard work, and feedback from our patients and medical peers!”

McKesson Canada's INVIVA clinics successfully completed the Qmentum Accreditation Program and received full accreditation at all locations across Canada now through December 2026.



Established in 2013, today INVIVA is Canada's largest private infusion network with 76 INVIVA clinics that provide patients with specialized therapy in a caring and compassionate setting. INVIVA experts work directly with manufacturers to bring specialty therapies and nursing services to patients in need while improving access. They engage with health care providers to improve the patient experience and make it easier for everyone to manage complex diseases. Its team of highly trained seasoned nurses help manage various therapeutic areas, including gastroenterology, rheumatology, geriatrics, pediatrics, and more. In 2023, INVIVA was awarded accreditations in Cancer Care, Ambulatory Care, Home Care Services, Leadership, Infection Prevention and Control, and Medication Management making it the only national private infusion network with accreditation.


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