CountAssist is a reliable and scalable counting technology that facilitates vial filling.



Key Benefits:

• Accurate counting technology proven for over 15 years
• Small footprint that fits in any dispensary
• Stock bottle scanning for traceability and safety
• Large cell capacity reduces replenishment frequency
• Frees up time for patient counselling



A Brief Overview



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How Can CountAssist Help Your Pharmacy?


• Automates up to 35% of your countable prescriptions.
• Reporting functions help you optimise its use.
• Software developed in-house and designed specifically for the Canadian pharmacies.
• User-friendly GUI makes it easy to learn and simple to operate.


• Compact one-sided cabinet can be installed at the end of a bay or against a wall.
• Up to 10 cabinets can be connected to a single controller, for a total of 180 canisters.
• Integrates seamlessly with all pharmacy systems.
• Requires little supervision and minimal upkeep.


• Rx label barcode scanning ensures the right medication goes in the right vial to go to the right patient.
• Dedicated locked chutes eliminate cross-contamination.
• Locking door secures canisters in each cabinet, limiting access to expensive or narcotic medications.

How Can CountAssist Help Your Pharmacy?

How Can CountAssist Help Your Pharmacy?

CountAssist - Karim Merani Testimonial



''Since CountAssist is only accessed from the front and needs minimal space, I was able to install two cabinets in my pharmacy. It’s simple to use, so it got my staff comfortable with automation. Now our counts are more accurate and our efficiency has improved thanks to the system’s reliability.''

– Karim Merani, Pharmacist & Owner, Carleton Place IDA Drugmart, ON

CountAssist - Jarron Yee Testimonial



“Pharmacy is changing. Nowadays, pharmacists must focus more on cognitive services. The CountAssist allows us to increase our productivity in the pharmacy. I love the CountAssist because it has a small footprint. Since our dispensary does not have a lot of room, it is a perfect fit for our pharmacy.”

- Jarron Yee, Pharmacist & Owner, Medicine Shoppe, Regina, SK

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