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Do any of the Following Represent Your Pharmacy’s Compliance Packaging Needs?


  • Flexibility to package pills for complex medication regimes.

  • Tamper evident packaging that ensures patient safety.

  • A customizable design that I can adapt to suit my patients’ needs.

  • A compliance package that is not cumbersome for my patient to carry.

  • An ability to provide better quality service while improving medication adherence.


PACMED pouch

How PACMED Pouch Strip Packaging can Benefit Your Pharmacy


  • Flexibility to administer unit-doses or multi-doses for unlimited times per day.

  • Use icons to denote hours of administration and international language characters.

  • Multiple pouch capability for high number of pills to be given at the same administration time.

  • Safely and conveniently crush pills directly in the pouch.

  • Option to print report labels with colour images of patient and drugs, facilitating the identification and verification of the medication by the caregiver.

  • Reminder pouches can be used to remind patients of when to take non-oral solid medications or number of days left to renewal.

  • Reduces manipulation during manual verification and at bedside.

  • Individual pouches are discreet, convenient and easy to carry.

  • Brings security and flexibility to your patients’ daily medication routine.

  • Bar coding allows for the verification from pharmacy production to patient delivery.

  • Offer a reliable and safe compliance package that ensures that pills are given consistently and correctly.

  • Easily customize pouch layout and content according to different needs.

  • Pouch packaging facilitates automated verification with PACVision which improves the safety and accuracy of the process.

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PACMED Testimonial



''We pride ourselves on providing the best patient care possible. A big part of that is PACMED strip packaging – a value-added service that makes it easy for patients to take the right medication at the right time. Our pharmacy continues to flourish and we’re optimistic about the future of our business.''

– Karim Merani, Pharmacist & Owner, Greenbank Huntclub IDA Compounding Pharmacy, ON

PACVision testimonial



''In a busy pharmacy, speed and accuracy are vital. Using PACVision helps our dispensary run more smoothly without compromising patient safety.'' 

- Chris Barkhouse, Pharmacist & General Manager, Guardian Bouctouche, NB

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