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Do any of the Following Represent Your Pharmacy’s Compliance Packaging Inspection Needs?


  • A cost-effective inspection unit to which I can entrust the safety of my patients.

  • A verification system that integrates with PACMED to eliminate the manual process.

  • Assurance that every dose is checked and that any discrepancies are flagged.

  • A visual record of all doses that are checked and corrected.

  • A reliable solution that requires a minimum of my time, so I can focus on patient needs.

How PACvision C can benefit your pharmacy

How PACVision C can Benefit Your Pharmacy


  • Advanced pill recognition system verifies the contents of every pouch.

  • High-precision colour recognition method unique to each site.

  • Minimizes pharmacist intervention, freeing up time for patient counselling and other responsibilities.

  • Full integration with PACMED provides a high productivity platform for packaging and verification.

  • Immune to distractions or fatigue, ensuring that pouches are verified consistently, quickly and securely.

  • User-friendly interface allows for easy search and retrieval of all pouch images for traceability.

  • Capability to capture a colour image of a corrected pouch means all verified pouches can be documented without exception.

  • Complementary i-Rolly support product rolls strips of PACMED pouches quickly and easily.

PACvision C

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''In a busy pharmacy, speed and accuracy are vital. Using PACVision helps our dispensary run more smoothly without compromising patient safety.'' 

- Chris Barkhouse, Pharmacist & General Manager, Guardian Bouctouche, NB

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