VBM 200F



VBM 200F

Do any of the following represent ...

Do any of the Following Represent Your Pharmacy’s Blister Card Packaging Needs?


  • A productive technology that automates blister card preparation and verification.

  • A machine that uses well-tested inspection technology to ensure patient safety.

  • An ability to provide better quality service that reinforces medication adherence.

  • Advanced automation that will position my pharmacy for future growth.

  • A solution that will give me more time to consult with patients.

How VBM can benefit your pharmacy

How VBM can Benefit Your Pharmacy


  • Capable of addressing the needs of mid to high volume pharmacies and some central fill operations.

  • Well-designed to streamline the dispensary workflow for any size pharmacy.

  • Uses unique and proven vision technology to verify pill size, shape and colour, as well as quantity in each blister cup.

  • Filling and verification throughput of up to 40 blister cards per hour, depending on the number of medications.

  • 200 RFID canisters can be swapped with an unlimited number of extra canisters during production for maximum efficiency.

  • The medication images are visually recorded for reporting, providing security in the event of a recall or error claim.

  • Alerts operator of suspicious content found during verification in order to take corrective measures.

  • While one blister tray is being filled, an empty tray can be positioned, decreasing wait time and increasing throughput.

  • Equipped with guided light manual fill trays that work with all pill sizes and shapes, including fractions.

  • Multiple validation checkpoints throughout the process ensure the safety of patients.

  • Support medication adherence and improve patient outcomes.

  • Extremely intuitive and easy-to-use software interface.

  • Easy maintenance for a clean work environment.

  • Compatible with most commonly used blister cards. 


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A Brief Overview of VBM 200F

VBM testimonial


''The VBM has dramatically increased the productivity of my pharmacy and my team. It used to take us 6 days to prepare and check our blister cards and now we are able to produce everything in only 3 days. The VBM’s accurate preparation and verification allowed me to have peace of mind and the necessary time to focus on my patients and improve customer service. The machine fits easily in my small dispensary, not to mention that it’s virtually silent when in operation. I was pleased with the quick and simple installation and the intuitive software was easy to learn.'' 

– Tereza Michel, Pharmacist & Owner, PROXIM Tereza Michel, Laval, QC

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