VBM 200F

A productive technology automating blister card preparation and verification.


VBM 200F


Key Benefits: 

• Safely and efficiently automates the filling and verification of multi-dose blister cards in a single process
• Immune to distraction and fatigue
• Handles a high volume of blister cards




A Brief Overview





Consistent Verification

VBM fills and verifies blister cards consistently, quickly and securely.

• The entire packaging process is photographed, and all data is safely stored for reporting and future reference.

Improved Efficiency

You can fill, verify and seal up to 40 multi-dose blister cards per hour.

• Two MDA filling trays for non-canister medications and partial pills enable seamless, continuous filling.

Increased Accuracy

Using unique and proven vision technology, the content of each and every blister cup is verified.

• Pill verification is based on pill size, shape and colour, as well as quantity. 

How VBM can benefit your pharmacy

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How Can VBM 200F help your pharmacy?

"Since we have acquired the VBM, we were able to save a drastic amount of time in both filling and checking blister cards. This time savings, coupled with the accuracy of the machine, allows us to use our time elsewhere. With the ability to digitally review packs, our patients are less at risk of a medication error, which leaves me with peace of mind." 

- Jason Mackie, Pharmacist & Owner Guardian, Arcade & Jory Pharmacy, Midland, ON



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